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Agility Ttraining
Category: Agility at Horseshoe Lake
Description: Agility @HorseShoe Lake
Agility Ttraining
Category: Agility at Horseshoe Lake
Description: Agility @HorseShoe Lake

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Written by Frank Fletcher   
Saturday, 23 June 2012 15:46


Rhythmic Nature Fitness is proud to provide the following upcoming classes at Ariel Dance Productions in Campbell, CA.


The Core Circuit

Core Circuit is a high intensity circuit training class designed to get you movin' and groovin'. Utilizing 3D functional movement patterns, we'll help you lose those extra pounds and get you fit and strong!

Rev up your metabolism as we focus on core strength and endurance.

Prepare yourself for a high energy class in a safe and fun environment.

The Long Stretch

In just the last ten years, the science of stretching has come a long way. New techniques and old techniques combine to give you the longest, most flexible body possible. We'll revisit static stretching but add new active, dynamic and neural techniques as well. We'll learn not just how to stretch but when to stretch for the best performance and length.

Sure dancers enjoy the lovely lines and aesthetics of increased flexibility. But it's not just dancers who benefit from a good stretch. The benefits are far-reaching. From increased blood flow to pain-free joints. Join us to learn how to stretch safely and effectively.


Upcoming Classes:

The Long Stretch - 10 am-11 am - Monday, 8/6 and Friday, 8/11

Core Circuit - 11 am-12 pm - Monday, 8/6 and Friday, 8/11


Weekend class :

The Long Stretch - Saturday 8/4/2012.  @9:15 - 10:15am




Ariel Group Class Purchase Options
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<option value="4 Classes">4 Classes $60.00 USD</option>
<option value="5 Classes">5 Classes $75.00 USD</option>
<option value="8 Classes">8 Classes $112.00 USD</option>
<option value="10 Classes">10 Classes $140.00 USD</option>
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Monthly Class Subscription Packages



Ariel Subscribers - Monthly Class Packages




Students are fully responsible for their attendance and must attend the class in which they are registered. A student may transfer to another class if that class is open for new students. The Director must be consulted for class availability.

There are NO REFUNDS, MAKE-UP CLASSES or FUTURE CREDITS for monthly missed classes. If you are unable to attend regularly, please consider our drop in rate, $18 per class.


Frank Fletcher

(408) 512-0245

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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