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Agility Ttraining
Category: Agility at Horseshoe Lake
Description: Agility @HorseShoe Lake
Agility Ttraining
Category: Agility at Horseshoe Lake
Description: Agility @HorseShoe Lake

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Rhythmic Nature - the Company

"I started Rhythmic Nature as a way to share my experience and knowledge in the three fields I am really passionate about - Health/Fitness, Nature/Outdoor Life, and Photography."

- Frank Fletcher

Rhythmic Nature is primarily a fitness and outdoors company. We concentrate our interests and services in three fields.


Rhythmic Nature Fitness

ABOUT-Agility JumpIt is our mission to take athletes and enthusiasts to the next level. Sometimes that means taking a post-rehab patient who lives with discomfort to being able to use their body, unencumbered and pain-free. Other times it means we take a competitive athlete and give them a fitness edge.


Rhythmic Nature Life

We at Rhythmic Nature feel that health and fitness is a lifestyle. To us, an important part of that is returning to nature to get away from tunnel-vision lives and regain vitality in mind, body and soul. As such, outdoor life and environmental stewardship is very important to us. We take clients to the beautiful places that surround us in California. Outdoor guiding and fitness training for rock-climbing, backpacking, and sea-kayaking are some of the services we offer. For every trip, we provide a learning experience - from logistics, navigation and Leave No Trace principles to specific and practical techniques.

We specialize in quality outdoor experiences at every level.


Rhythmic Nature Photography

ABOUT-Pinnacles EntrySometimes, we want to relive the moments in our lives that are important. This might be a wedding, a whale sighting or a sunset waterfall after a long day of backpacking.

Other times, we want to create something new from our photography - something that enhances the experience of the viewer or evokes a specific emotion.

The recent upsurge in popularity and downward momentum of pricing in the digital photography marketplace has dramatically changed the field. New techniques and know-how are required to get the most out of your photographs.

From point-and-shoot to professional DSLR, we show you how to use your camera to best effect and how to optimize the images in post-production. Finally, we show you how to get the most out of web galleries, home printing and professional print services.



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